Why Learn Language?

Language has the power to break all kinds of barriers and serve as access to the enormous global opportunities available today. To become globally competitive, understanding key languages remains a topmost requirement. Whatever your desire, be it to get the best job anywhere in the world; to do business with the international community; to explore the world from Africa to Antarctica or to become a globally respected and accepted ambassador to the world, language plays a pivotal role and LACLIC services brings you the opportunity of learning whatever language you need to move forward across borders.

We are positioned as a company to help 5 million Nigerians speak at least two international languages that will make them relevant in the global market, and as well promoting both local and international language learning and culture to millions of people across Africa.
Our goal is to inspire a multi-linguist community in Nigeria and other parts of Africa through teaching, translation, language certification and cultural exchange programs as well as visa processing.
Would you join the LACLIC Language Campaign? Whether you are a student, business person, investor, expatriate, professional, job seeker, child, tourist – with language proficiency, you can speak across borders and achieve your dreams.