History of Lagos 2

History of Lagos – Part 2 Oba Akitoye of Lagos tried to put an end to the slave trade in 1841. This move was not accepted by the slave traders. They unitedly formed an opposition which dethroned Oba Akitoye and sent him into exile. After this, Akitoye’s brother was coronated as Oba Kosoko...Read more

IJELE; The Masquerade

IJELE The Igbo Land is one that is ripe with cultures and traditions. One that easily stands out is the masquerades, they are believed to embody the spirit and human worlds. The mystery and fascination around the masquerades is one that has transcended time regardless of various Western...Read more

Oduduwa – The Begining

Oduduwa – The Begining

ODUDUWA To some, he was a Benin scoundrel called Ekaladerhan, to others he was a god that descended from heaven in chains and a warrior who wore armors. Ile-Ife, a city of great antiquity gave birth to many kingdoms that are extended to Republic of Togo and Benin. In history, Oduduwa is Prince...Read more

History of Lagos 1

History of Lagos – Part 1 Lagos, the hub of commerce in Nigeria is originally inhabited by the Awori. The Awori is a subgroup of the Yoruba tribe who migrated from Isheri along the Ogun River. This tribe had originally named the place Oko and it was home to a number of warring ethnic...Read more